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Since as long I remember I have enjoyed playing if not creating. From climbing tall trees to building extreme LEGO models, I always threw myself into new adventures, the more impossible and exiting, the better.

And I'm proud to say, I still do!


Iceboat skating at Arresø in Denmark.



Paragliding are one of my passions. The rush when you hit the sweetpoint, stepping over the clift, leave land and fly into air. I wonder if a bird may feel the same.


Playing is creating!

Kite surfing at Whitsands in South Africa.


Combine the elements of water, wind, human skills and the right idea = Play. Its like making design. Combine the different materials, human skills, and the right idea = Design.

I Play because I can't stop - I Design because I just can't stop either. And that's my clients benefit too!

Lately I found myself experimenting with wing gliding, holding an inflatable wing-shaped sail in my hand while ice skating. 

You must understand that the relationship between being a designer and being the end-user is so important. I learn every day, through playing and then designing.

What I demand for the gear I'm using; I demand for the design I create. Functionality, quality, simplicity, and durability. Not to forget rentability!

The Tonga experience!

My brother and I went to Tonga in 1996 to see if we could literally live on a desert island for 3 months. And we could! We are both back many experiences richer. What I learned on that island was never to give up and that everything is possible!

Apologize for the picture quality. In 1996 a GoPro was a no-go!


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