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Tobias Wandrup

Client: Fiskars.
Product: Easy-Pour
watering can.
Task: Redesign the well known watering can.

This innovative, ergonomic, and smartly designed watering can made a strong impact on the market when presented. The 3 new features, and the unique shape makes this can a new classic. With ergonomic "chain saw grip" that makes it more balanced and easier to carry.

Tobias has developed an innovative, ergonomic, and smartly designed watering can, which solves some of the user problems are with traditional watering cans has.
10 litre water jug with ergonomic handles for both hands - ensuring a balance to the last drop.
Asymmetric filling hole, which makes it easy to fill water into the can.
The head can be rotated 180° in a snap to switch between shower and shine.

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