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Tobias Wandrup

Client: Ørgeen Optics.
Product: Sun glasses.
Task: Design of sunglass line.

As chief designer and co-founder Tobias has been creating eyewear for over 20 years and have been the main driver for most new innovations and designs of eyewear in Ørgreen Optics.


When the company started in 1997 it was with sunglasses only. The team created Ørgreen’s DNA with strong inspiration from old classic cars and dynamic lines. In most cases a 2-color combination layout. Since then, Ørgreen has been playing with the same main string lines and colors in various directions. The frames are produced in Japan in mainly titanium and acetate, lately also in polyamide by 3D printing technology.


The different categories are shown as gold and bronze inside the ring, the rest is white to stay true to simple danish design traditions.

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